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Oliver Wood

Oliver Wood ~ film crew pro member

I like :-

Magic realism

Musical visualisation

Nature based spirituality

Beguiling obsessions


The Things I Do

I am interested a wide range of subjects and do all the usual commercial photographer things: weddings, bands, postcard images for local lifestyle magazines and events.

But I am also known (locally at least) for my creative and prolific documentary or diarist work, I have covered my locality in the minutest detail for many years. I was a very early adopter of the internet, possibly the first local photographer with a personal website and nearly all of my modest reputation has come about through this kind of activity. I have never yet had a gallery show or similar! Generally, I have an interest in whimsy and the curious or beguiling aspects of the more rural and remote parts of the British Isles, I like weather, nature, verdant places and petricore moods after summer rain. The local landscapes of east Cheshire and the Derbyshire boarders are particularly inspiring to me. I think it is a uniquely atmospheric environment full of a sense of magic and a hint of the mysterious. It is moody, sometimes sullen, and even a little melancholic but I seem to thrive on this kind of 'ambience', as if it were the visual accompaniment to the kinds of jazz sounds and modalities that I like. My work also tends to incorporate an intense curiosity for the details of all things, often quite curious things that we tend not to notice. I like to create bold images that have a quality of solidity with highly delineated composition and a certain density of form, sometimes I experiment with texture treatments or flat paint-like renderings and a large proportion of my images are shot on antiquated equipment.

If you would like to see a more comprehensive collection of my work then please visit my Wordpress blog (link below) or my social media accounts, links also below. Thanks for reading.

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