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Hare Hill


Hare Hill gardens near Prestbury and Mottram St Andrew in Cheshire is a small but exquisitely charming national trust property that is semi secluded. It is comprised of a remote […]

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Prestbury Oaks


Trees are a perennial favorite of mine, always a majestic and earth connecting subject. This photo was taken several years ago whilst out on one of my ‘all-day’ cycling treks […]

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A moody misty early morning trip up to Shutlingsloe via Macclesfield Forrest. One of my favorite rest spots overlooks the Trentabank and Ridegate reservoirs more than a hundred feet below, […]

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Bottoms Reservoir


Revisiting some older shots from a long day out at Teggs Nose and Macclesfield forest. This shot across Bottoms Reservoir was taken on a gloriously fresh March morning with low […]

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Shutlingsloe & Wildboarclough


The wild and windswept moorland close to Shutlingsloe, Macclesfield. This is quite an extraordinary location close to where I live, a designated nature reserve surrounded by dramatic scenery and outstanding […]

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Lightning Tree


I call this a ‘hyper nocturne’, in other words, an under exposed low ISO night shot recovered with levels and HDR treatments. This tree shows typical signs of lightning damage […]

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Robin Hoods Bay

An early experiment with manual HDR processing for this shot of a fishing boat at Robin Hoods Bay in North Yorkshire. The original shot was taken near dusk with a […]

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Cheshire Morning


I do like misty and fogy conditions as they are nearly always conducive to interesting, moody photography. Well nearly always – both of these pictures were taken on a cold […]

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The Mersey estuary at New Brighton on a cold October dusk. This was a fairly long exposure (bulb) shot, more a happy accident in terms of the final effect as […]

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