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Cheshire Road Railings


These black and white, and now often badly corroded or damaged railings, are a familiar site to anyone that ether lives in Cheshire or who has driven through the county. […]

Category: Local History

Ford House Prestbury


Heavy plant belonging to Cheshire Demolition at work on the Ford House site in Prestbury. The building has virtually gone now and a completely new view or vista is opening […]

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Capesthorne Hall


The bridge at Capsthorne Hall in Cheshire. Treated with a tinted canvas layer, taken 18th July 2015. This National Trust property is one of Cheshire’s finest Jacobean sites and always […]

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Rainow Tea Lady


The ‘tea lady’ in Rainow village, Cheshire – one of those curious cut-out advertising boards promoting a local tea shop or church fete. They are a common sight in English […]

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Chelford Grain Store


An interesting curiosity near Chelford seen whilst cycling to Knutsford. I liked the faded blue paint work on these old and now probably abandoned silos and the way that there […]

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Prestbury Winter


Nikon D80, 10mm, 100iso, f9, 1/250sec, Dec 18th 2010 – 12:11pm In anticipation of the approaching winter months – this shot is from 2010 when we had a very cold […]

Category: Environment, Local History