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Lightning Tree


I call this a ‘hyper nocturne’, in other words, an under exposed low ISO night shot recovered with levels and HDR treatments. This tree shows typical signs of lightning damage […]

Category: Environment, Experimental, Monochrome

Urbex Details


Details from inside an abandoned house somewhere in Cheshire. One of my first forays into the curious and shady realm of urbex (Uban Exploration) otherwise being in places where one […]

Category: Monochrome

The Path Out


A return to my first love in photography – that is, the world of apparently strange common-place or beguiling objects and settings. A world of small scale surrealism in the […]

Category: Experimental, Monochrome

Waiting Room


The old and now very spartan waiting room at Prestbury station. A nice little ‘study’ in grungy ‘distressed’ building fabric – a rare sight and opportunity in these parts now. […]

Category: Machine World, Monochrome

Cheshire Morning


I do like misty and fogy conditions as they are nearly always conducive to interesting, moody photography. Well nearly always – both of these pictures were taken on a cold […]

Category: Environment, Monochrome