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Waiting Room


The old and now very spartan waiting room at Prestbury station. A nice little ‘study’ in grungy ‘distressed’ building fabric – a rare sight and opportunity in these parts now. […]

Category: Machine World, Monochrome

Cheshire Morning


I do like misty and fogy conditions as they are nearly always conducive to interesting, moody photography. Well nearly always – both of these pictures were taken on a cold […]

Category: Landscape, Monochrome

White Nancy Five Oh


The famous Bollington monument or folly know as White Nancy has been painted with a large number 50 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the towns arts festival which begins […]

Category: Landscape, Local History, Monochrome

Stormy Shutlingsloe


Nikon D80, 10mm, 100iso, f22, 1/25sec, June 16th 2012 – 2:43pm Shutlingsloe storm – split toned in blue & sepia A stormy and very windy day on top of Shutlingsloe […]

Category: Experimental, Landscape, Monochrome