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Prestbury Cheshire. St Peters Church by Oliver Wood

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St Peters

A sepia and bleach bypass treated image of St Peter's church. The building dates from 1220 and is entirely constructed with stone quarried from near by Kerridge, as are many of Prestbury's older 'store' roofs. The yard is very well kept and extremely attractive with lots of shapely pollarded yews and many other beautiful trees including a 700 year old yew, and one of the largest beech trees I have ever seen.

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Photographs from around the vicinity of St Peters Church

The Norman Chapel

Prestbury Norman Chapel. May 2012.

Image treated to simulate tilt-shift lens effect. The Norman Chapel is situated in the grounds of St Peter's and stands on the site of Prestbury's ancient Saxon village church. The chapel has undergone many renovations over the years, but the doorway and the carved figures above it are original features dating from the early 12th century.

Prestbury Norman Chapel Carving 57K

Prestbury Norman Chapel Carving. Oct 2005.

A closer view of one of the mysterious figures above the Norman Chapel door. The significance of these now considerably eroded carvings is unknown.

Eliza Davenport

Elizabeth Davenport. Mar 2013

A rare high view of Elizabeth Davenport's monument in St Peters churchyard

Eliza Davenport

Elizabeth Davenport. Mar 2013

A close up of the head of Elizabeth Davenport's monument in St Peters churchyard


Mr Nuttall. May 2012

The look of St Peters churchyard is largely down to Mr Nuttall who has been the church caretaker and groundsman for more than 30 years.

St Peters

St Peters Prestbury historic artwork

One of the many ancient and historic artefacts in St Peter’s church. Feb 2007

St Peters Prestbury

A headstone dedicated to the Wright family in St Peters yard. Dec 2008

St Peters Prestbury

St Peters yard Prestbury. Dec 2008

An exceptionally cold and frosty day in St Peters churchyard. There is nearly always something to photograph here and it is a good location for afternoon light.

St Peters doorway Prestbury

One of the carved figures by St Peters main door.

St Peters doorway Prestbury

Another figure by St Peters main door.

Some details from St Peter's windows.

St Peters window 51K

Window detail, St Peter's.

St Peters Window 67K

Window detail, St Peter's

St Peters Window 41K

Window detail, St Peter's

St Peters Window 56K

Window detail, St Peter's,

The Methodist Chapel Prestbury 40K

The old Methodist Chapel. December 2000

The entrance to Prestbury's old Methodist chapel. This building has since been converted into a residential property and the "chapel" has now decamped to a new Scandanavian style timber framed building on Macclesfield Road.