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Hot Day in Prestbury


Nikon D200, 10mm, 100iso, f4.5, 1/160sec, June 11th 2015 – 13:15 Two slightly different but quite experimental shots from around the village of Prestbury today. It has been a very […]

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White Winter – Prestbury


Nikon D80, 14mm, 100iso, f11, 1/100sec, Dec 18th 2010 – 12:06am Another shot from the gloriously snow-bound winter of 2010. This time taken in the fields to north of Prestbury […]

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Winter Oak


Nikon D80, 10mm, 400iso, f18, 1/160sec, Dec 18th 2011 – 11:54am Looking back to the very snowy winter of 2010, down in the ‘low fields’ at Prestbury, Cheshire one cold […]

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Prestbury Winter


Nikon D80, 10mm, 100iso, f9, 1/250sec, Dec 18th 2010 – 12:11pm In anticipation of the approaching winter months – this shot is from 2010 when we had a very cold […]

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