Calibration Reference

Chip charts for contrast reference and basic monitor calibration. The charts define correct viewing conditions for monochrome images relative to my own production environment. The charts are calibrated with the black and white points set for Gray Gamma 2.2 and Dot Gain 20 %. All of my black and white pictures (online) have contrast (tonal levels) optimised for the Gray Gamma 2.2 standard. Click on images to see larger.

Since 2023 I have moved to an open source workflow with Raw Therapee & Gimp and all of my monochrome images from this workflow are referenced to the built-in Gimp D65 with sRGB profile which is almost indistinguishable from Gamma 2.2.

gamma 2.2

Gray Gamma 2.2

dot gain 20pc

Dot Gain 20 %