Category: Monochrome p1

Black and white photo of an electricity pylon and clouds, very high contrast

Power Tower

Pylon falling - surreal and disorientating perspective ...

black and white picture of a wooden bridge

Bollin Bridge 3

A re-worked image of the small footbridge over the Bollin at Prestbury.

Black and white image of tall city buildings

Manchester Downtown

A re- processed (enhanced) photo of the new Manchester skyline as seen from the Cloud Bar...

Black and white photo of the white cliffs at dover

White Cliffs of Dover

The white cliffs of Dover - harbor

photo telegraph pole in black and white

Remote Caller

A single copper line wending its way across fields and hills in Cheshire.

orton monochrome image of the hat museum

Hat Museum

Early industrial age architecture in Stockport

Robin Hood’s Bay – Remix 2

Revisiting some old photos from Robin Hood's Bay, North Yorkshire.

Prestbury backwaters

At any time

Curiosity in Prestbury

St Albans cathedral

St Albans Cathedral

The beautiful St Albans cathedral

tristar three

Airport Visit

First cycle trip of 2023 - Airport & Hale bound

last train to london

Signal MD103

The story of a local railway signal. Cheshire signalling upgrade.

Brand New Mornings

Brand New Mornings

Brand New Mornings - Live