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Black and white photo of an electricity pylon and clouds, very high contrast

Power Tower

Pylon falling - surreal and disorientating perspective ...

Woman with ivy in hair against a green background

Danu in my dining room

Ivy queen and Celtic earth spirit in my living room...

Robin Hoods Bay agricultural land

Robin Hood’s Bay – Remix

Farmland near Robin Hood's Bay, North Yorkshire. Orton process.

Prestbury backwaters

At any time

Curiosity in Prestbury

hilton for two

Manchester Odyssey 2

Another trip in to Manchester and some of my favourite haunts in the city...

white nancy jubilee beacon

White Nancy Jubilee Beacon

Platinum Jubilee beacon at White Nancy.

manchester airport

Airport Odyssey

A night visit to Manchester Airport.


Street Pulse

Long exposure camera toss - Creating dynamic patterns with street-lighting.

tree and glades

Dream Glades

Experimental treatments, low key abstractions, and a minor hint of the surreal in a Cheshire field.

jodrell bank night

Jodrell Bank | Night

Experimental, long exposure shots of the Lovell telescope at Jodrell Bank with orton processing.

Manchester Skyline

Manchester Skyline 1

A view of the Deansgate development area in Manchester city centre taken from the Hilton hotel in January 2020.

air traffic

Air in Motion

NFT Material? This was another image that I was planning to make or “mint” into […]