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Black and white photo of new tower block and railway viaduct

Seen in Stockport

Photos from a recent cycle trip through Stockport 2 ...

Black and white photo of an electricity pylon and clouds, very high contrast

Power Tower

Pylon falling - surreal and disorientating perspective ...

jodrell bank radio telescope and cows in a field

Jodrell Bank subliminal

Recalling a very pleasant full day out cycling in deep Cheshire...

Class 66 Chelford

Chelford Railway Captures

Some pictures of activity on the busy Crewe line passing through Chelford, Cheshire...

photo telegraph pole in black and white

Remote Caller

A single copper line wending its way across fields and hills in Cheshire.

tristar three

Airport Visit

First cycle trip of 2023 - Airport & Hale bound

last train to london

Signal MD103

The story of a local railway signal. Cheshire signalling upgrade.

manchester airport

Airport Odyssey

A night visit to Manchester Airport.

jodrell bank night

Jodrell Bank | Night

Experimental, long exposure shots of the Lovell telescope at Jodrell Bank with orton processing.

twemlow cheshire

Ride to Goostrey

This is a very random post, a bit of a throwaway if you like? But […]

jodrell bank

Jodrell Bank 2020

Cycling down to Jodrell Bank This year I seem to be spending more time riding […]


Avanti Pendolinos

Railways and particularly high speed trains are usually a popular subject for my stock collection...