White Winter – Prestbury

Prestbury Winter
Prestbury Winter

Nikon D80, 14mm, 100iso, f11, 1/100sec, Dec 18th 2010 – 12:06am

Another shot from the gloriously snow-bound winter of 2010. This time taken in the fields to north of Prestbury Village in Cheshire. This was a part of the locality that I have very rarely photographed but the snow and light here made the scene just perfect. Again, the image embodies some of my signature quirks – which are not always easy to define but I know they are there! The sky was a little granular in the RAW file which may be attributed to high ISO noise from my Nikon D80 sensor. I now have a tendency to rectify (over correct) this with a layered application of photoshop’s standard noise reduction tool and set to a low level of detail rendering. It’s an effect that I quite like in limited amounts, but of course, it does make the sky look very ‘digital’.

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Oliver Wood