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Langley – Cheshire

Langley Village

Things seen in Langley

Langley is a pretty little village to the east of Macclesfield, Cheshire. It is a very popular location for out doors folks, walkers and adventures mainly because it is, in part, on the access route to many of east Cheshire’s most notable recreational areas and sites of great beauty.

The pictures below show the village main street which leads up to Bottoms and Ridgegate reservoirs, Macclesfied Forrest, Teggs Nose country park and the famous Leathers Smithy pub. The pictures show Bottoms reservoir which is overlooked by Teggs Nose. There appears to be a lot of pink flowering Smart Weed or Amphibious Bistort growing in the reservoir this year; Not sure if that is a good thing?

bottoms reservoir
bottoms reservoir

The old school house

A charming tribute to Winnie-the-pooh with sculptures of Christopher Robin, Winnie and Piglet on the front lawn of the old school house in Langley village.

Christopher robin
Christopher robin
winnie and piglet

Teggs Nose View

A collection of 1960s houses overshadowed by Teggs Nose in Langley, Cheshire. The hill marks part of the boundary of an area of outstanding beauty and magnificent views across Macclesfield Forrest and the reservoirs.

teggs nose
Teggs Nose

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