Lightning Tree

Lightning Tree Prestbury
Lightning Tree Prestbury

I call this a ‘hyper nocturne’, in other words, under exposed, low ISO, night shot, recovered with levels and HDR treatments. This tree shows typical signs of lightning damage which is not an uncommon sight in remote field trees that often attract lightning strikes due to their prominence above ground. The result is usually a dead and maimed tree – but not always. It was quite a windy night and so the branches were moving and generally swaying about a lot, hence the curious blurring effect that gives them an almost pom-pom like appearance; similar to a north American Joshua Tree.

I’m quite interested in night shooting at the moment, trying to get the best effects I can with now quite aged camera gear. I don’t have access to ludicrously high ISO capabilities at the so don’t expect to see perfectly exposed milky way’s.

Original photo exif details:-

Nikon D200, 14mm, 100iso, f4.8, 55sec, Aug 16th 2016 – 21:39

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Oliver Wood