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Manchester airport

Manchester Airport – Trip 4

Manchester airport visit 28th April

white nancy jubilee beacon

White Nancy Jubilee Beacon

Platinum Jubilee beacon at White Nancy.

manchester airport

Airport Odyssey

A night visit to Manchester Airport.


Street Pulse

Long exposure camera toss - Creating dynamic patterns with street-lighting.

jodrell bank night

Jodrell Bank | Night

Experimental, long exposure shots of the Lovell telescope at Jodrell Bank with orton processing.

Hale Station

Hale Station Cheshire

A few semi-experimental pictures from a night on Hale station. This is a very special […]

Old Carpet Factory

Carpet Factory – Macclesfield

The old and rather forlorn looking carpet factory in Macclesfield, I know very little about […]

Rail House

Manchester Night Prowl

A nighttime trawl through & around the streets and architecture of Manchester

New Mills at Night

High Peak – Nocturne

Available light photography at Furness Vale, Derbyshire. Things seen whilst on a nighttime bike ride […]

last train to london

Last Train to London

Last train to London - Through the night.

Halloween Macclesfield

Halloween Macclesfield

A small cross section of the very large quantity of pictures I took this weekend. […]



Long exposure (bulb exposure) shots of various common features close to where I live. The […]