New Brighton Lighthouse – Revisited


The lighthouse at New Brighton on clear and chilly October afternoon. We were lucky to arrive just as the tide was going out and remained in this location until the sun set. This image has been treated with various filters as I wanted to try to give it a quality that may be a little reminiscent of an orton (off-set) print. I think the ‘soft’ quality of the image is quite pleasing here.

Nikon D80, 20mm, 100iso, f8, 1/350sec, Oct 25th 2014 – 15:48

New Brighton Lighthouse
New Brighton Lighthouse

This is a more artistic treatment with overlays – the shot of the lighthouse was taken much later than the previous one – in fact the sun was beginning to set now. This is one of those images that comes to fruition as a result of inspired experimentation…serendipitously.

Nikon D80, 50mm, 100iso, f1.4, 1/45sec, Oct 25th 2014 – 16:28

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Oliver Wood