Rainow Hills

Rainow Hills
Rainow Hills

Far away in a magical land of east Cheshire; well maybe not quite so far. This is a view across the gorgeous lush and gently undulating landscape that is characteristic of the Cheshire / Derbyshire (Peak District) boarders close to the Village of Rainow. I was returning from one of my exploratory bike rides up to Lamaload reservoir and caught this shot on the returning descent to Rainow village. A beautiful and quite enchanting place in itself, with a very unique atmosphere that is more akin to the west riding than Cheshire in some ways.

This image has been prepared for large scale printing on canvas and the version here has a canvas ‘texture’ layer applied. I wanted to give it a more painterly feel, which in this case seems to enhanced an ethereal quality – I like that in a landscape.

Original photo exif details:-

Nikon D200, 50mm, 100iso, f8, 1/400sec, July 7th 2015 – 11:26

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Oliver Wood