Ride to Goostrey

Grotto Lane
Grotto Lane

This is a very random post, a bit of a throwaway if you like? But I had yet another very enjoyable day cycling down to Jodrell Bank (and beyond) on Friday 4th. This seems to have become a more common direction of travel than the east and Derbyshire at the moment. I do like it down there though.

Bate Mill
Bate Mill

Trains at Chelford

One objective was to photograph / document activity on the railway. Something I’m strongly drawn to having grown up with an understanding of the significance of transport history and the popular appeal of historic documentation of railways.

Class 323 Chelford
Class 66 Chelford
Class 66 Chelford
class 66 Chelford

Micro Journeys

I love the idea of “micro journeys” and the way that cycling into the landscape, even on a relatively short trip, can provide so much depth of inspiration for me. Sometimes creating a real feeling of adventure, discovery, and a satisfactory day-out experience. It is a very pertinent observation in the current context of lockdown’s and forced localisations though. This intense engagement with the environment and the world around me is one of the things I really love about cycling.

twemlow cheshire
Bike & Sign
Jodrell Bank Telescope
Jodrell Bank

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