Adlington Billboard

adlington billboard

Adlington Remnant

I had to photograph this billboard near the railway bridge at Adlington in Cheshire. The interesting degradation of the the old print, the wabi sabi effect and the curious general juxtaposition of the billboard itself just caught my eye.
Main image EXIF :-

D: 2021:06:02 @ 12:49:45
t: 1/250
f: 8
I: 320 iso
L: 10.0-20.0 mm Sigma
FL: 10.0mm

This has been a familiar feature on the London Road for many decades. A long established advertising spot and, of course, the billboard is frequently plastered, or should that be ‘wallpapered’ with new advertising materials.

adlington billboard

There is something a little archaic about the whole idea of a giant “hard copy” advertisement in the digital age and I think that is another reason why it caught my attention.

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Oliver Wood