Green Dreaming

mottram evening
Mottram Shadows

Prestbury & Chelford

Some random images of everyday places near to where I live; beguiling authenticity vibes. I have had some photography down-time due to a few computer problems but now trying to catch up with a backlog of work that I just want to archive.

Pictures of the green and lush early summer and the burgeoning growth of grass, crops and tree cover. Of course I had to have a play with shadow effects on Mottram Hall golf course. Also, indulging a dose of nostalgia here as I was once a member of the golf maintenance crew more than 20 years ago. Very enjoyable and atmospheric work day.

Main picture is an orton processed image.

Prestbury Gate
corn chelford
Chelford Corn
Chelford corn
Chelford Corn 2
green corner
Mottram Field

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