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Black and white photo of an electricity pylon and clouds, very high contrast

Power Tower

Pylon falling - surreal and disorientating perspective ...

new mills pylon

Art of Pylons

The beauty and drama of pylons.

Stanlow Refinery

Stanlow Chimneys

Strong contrast and a convoluted composition of the chimneys at Stanlow refinery near Warrington. These […]

New Mills Interconnector

New Mills Interconnector

I seem to find electrical and telecoms infrastructure to be quite a fascinating subject when […]

Ringway Pylon

Ringway Dead Line ?

Pre grid era pylons at Ringway, Cheshire.

Pylons New Mills

Vintage Pylon March Past

Vintage pylons on the march in Derbyshire, they came striding over the hill with an […]

Power Macc

Power into Macclesfield

My first post of 2017 is a typically beguiling look at my own locality with […]

Electricity pylon with very dark sky and green grass

Storm Currents

Stormy weather approaching Macclesfield from the east. A heavily treated image of pylons on the […]