Winter 2020

graveyard in snow
St Peters Churchyard

A very cold blast has hit us in these last few days bringing quite large flurries of snow and bitterly cold winds. It is not quite as scenic – or comfortable even, as the famous white winter of 2010 when we had deep snow conditions for several weeks.

Winter Oak

I do like the way things look in snowy weather. It creates the perfect conditions for monochrome photography and it is one of the few occasions when I remember to stop obsessing about sky exposures in landscape or outdoor shots. Of course in these conditions a flat white (preferably light grey) sky works really well but there is generally a much more level playing-field in terms of sky/ground contrast which makes the capture of landscape or outdoor scenes a lot less problematic.

prestbury winter
Bridge Hotel
bridge green
Bridge Green
Icy Oak
Bollin Fields
Frozen Line
Frozen Line

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