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Black and white photo of an electricity pylon and clouds, very high contrast

Power Tower

Pylon falling - surreal and disorientating perspective ...

black and white picture of a wooden bridge

Bollin Bridge 3

A re-worked image of the small footbridge over the Bollin at Prestbury.

Black and white photo of the white cliffs at dover

White Cliffs of Dover

The white cliffs of Dover - harbor

photo telegraph pole in black and white

Remote Caller

A single copper line wending its way across fields and hills in Cheshire.

St Albans cathedral

St Albans Cathedral

The beautiful St Albans cathedral

shadow trace


Abstracted nature, texture, shadows and a small homage to Minor White.

plumley tracks

Plumley Tracks

Simulated platinum / lithium print My first new posts on my all new blog / […]

st Christophers

Christmas Morning Ride

A very long exposure shot of St Christophers church in Pott Shrigley, Cheshire. It was […]

graveyard in snow

Winter 2020

A very cold blast has hit us in these last few days bringing quite large […]

alderley park

Alderley | Peover

This year most of my long trips and days out on the bike have tended […]



The forlorn remnants of an old farm or small holding near Macclesfield, Cheshire. All land […]

Stanlow Refinery

Stanlow Chimneys

Strong contrast and a convoluted composition of the chimneys at Stanlow refinery near Warrington. These […]