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Halloween Macclesfield

Halloween Macclesfield
Halloween Macclesfield

A small cross section of the very large quantity of pictures I took this weekend. I am shooting for Licklist in two Macclesfield venues and covering many aspects of the towns’ rather curious nightlife, everything from private parties to festive events, live performance, and celebrity PAs. It is a very interesting, lively, and engaging job but also one that has opened my eyes to a very different aspect of what has always seemed (in the day time) to be a very unassuming little market town. The volume of nightlife activity in Macclesfield is, and probably always has been, quite unique and surprising for a town of it’s size. One day we will have another venue like the famous and erstwhile Bar Cuba that catered to a surprising array of world class artists and many who had a specialised following.

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