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Green and red graffiti art on a brick wall with blue sky

Norekrek Macclesfield

To kick off 2024 I have decided to try to consolidate some of my pictures of graffiti art in various locations...

Tower and Sun

Sutton Common – BT Tower

A Macclesfield Cold War Icon The BT tower at Sutton Common, just to the south […]

Old Carpet Factory

Carpet Factory – Macclesfield

The old and rather forlorn looking carpet factory in Macclesfield, I know very little about […]

Macclesfield Gasometer

Macclesfield Gasometer

Another local icon or landmark that is no more. The old gasometer or gasholder was […]

The Moor


Large print on canvas. The open landscape of Wildboarclough near Macclesfield forest seen on one […]

Power Macc

Power into Macclesfield

My first post of 2017 is a typically beguiling look at my own locality with […]

Halloween Macclesfield

Halloween Macclesfield

A small cross section of the very large quantity of pictures I took this weekend. […]

Macclesfield Night

The Jaffa Cake Jungles of Macclesfield

A 77 second (bulb) exposure taken near to Manchester Road in Macclesfield. I quite like […]

Macclesfield Forest

Macclesfield Forest

This is a somewhat processed / filtered image of the edge of the forest line […]


Stormy Shutlingsloe

Nikon D80, 10mm, 100iso, f22, 1/25sec, June 16th 2012 – 2:43pm Shutlingsloe storm – split […]

Electricity pylon with very dark sky and green grass

Storm Currents

Stormy weather approaching Macclesfield from the east. A heavily treated image of pylons on the […]