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Long exposure (bulb exposure) shots of various common features close to where I live. The dead tree was an ideal subject, quite a hunting shape against the dark (darker than […]

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Lightning Tree


I call this a ‘hyper nocturne’, in other words, an under exposed low ISO night shot recovered with levels and HDR treatments. This tree shows typical signs of lightning damage […]

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Urbex – Nature Returns


A bit of urbex (Urban Exploration) or being in abandoned, dangerous, out-of-bounds or dilapidated places that one is really not supposed to venture into. I spent quite a lot of […]

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Twisted Oak – Prestbury


Trees are a perennial favourite of mine and I think they can often make very dramatic subjects or an interesting ‘focal’ point in a nature / landscape shot. I live […]

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The Path Out


A return to my first love in photography – that is, the world of apparently strange common-place or beguiling objects and settings. A world of small scale surrealism in the […]

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Over Peover


Mysterious lanes of Cheshire, this topiary work was seen near a place called Over Peover on a recent ride down to Jodrell Bank in Cheshire. I like this kind of […]

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The Mersey estuary at New Brighton on a cold October dusk. This was a fairly long exposure (bulb) shot, more a happy accident in terms of the final effect as […]

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Cheshire Frost


The first real winter weather of 2015/16. The Winter thus far has been one of the warmest on record so it was quite nice to see (and feel) these more […]

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