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ian curtis mural

Ian Curtis Mural Macclesfield

The Akse mural of Ian Curtis in Macclesfield.

shadow trace


Abstracted nature, texture, shadows and a small homage to Minor White.

jodrell bank night

Jodrell Bank | Night

Experimental, long exposure shots of the Lovell telescope at Jodrell Bank with orton processing.

80s Tower

80s Modular

1980s Modular Brutalism An old picture re-worked with some HDR and texture layering. I was […]

Manchester Skyline

Manchester Skyline 1

A view of the Deansgate development area in Manchester city centre taken from the Hilton hotel in January 2020.

Base Prestbury

Base Pizzeria

The New Establishment in Town A late winter – or can we call it early […]

plumley tracks

Plumley Tracks

Simulated platinum / lithium print My first new posts on my all new blog / […]

st Christophers

Christmas Morning Ride

A very long exposure shot of St Christophers church in Pott Shrigley, Cheshire. It was […]

graveyard in snow

Winter 2020

A very cold blast has hit us in these last few days bringing quite large […]

jodrell bank

Jodrell Bank 2020

Cycling down to Jodrell Bank This year I seem to be spending more time riding […]

alderley park

Alderley | Peover

This year most of my long trips and days out on the bike have tended […]



The forlorn remnants of an old farm or small holding near Macclesfield, Cheshire. All land […]