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new mills pylon

Art of Pylons

The beauty and drama of pylons.

Stanlow Refinery

Stanlow Chimneys

Strong contrast and a convoluted composition of the chimneys at Stanlow refinery near Warrington. These […]

siren hale

Hale Cold War Relic

This is the the siren that would have given the residents of Hale village the “four minute warning”...


Prestbury Carpark

This is a pictorial record of the development of the new car park in Prestbury […]

jodrell bank

Jodrell Bank

Jodrell Bank - the Lovell radio telescope.

alderley bus stop

Alderley Edge Observations

A curious wooden bus shelter in Alderley Edge with paper textures. Had a few very […]

pendolino speedf

Virgin Trains – Cheshire

Virgin train in Cheshire

m6 plumley

M6 (smart) Motorway – Plumley

The M6 at Plumley, the oldest motorway in Cheshire and the main route south. The […]

Hale Station

Hale Station Cheshire

A few semi-experimental pictures from a night on Hale station. This is a very special […]

London train at Prestbury

Prestbury Pendolino

London bound ‘business is great’ pendolino speeding through Prestbury, Cheshire. These trains have been the […]

Clarence Mill Windows

Clarence Mill Bollington

One of Bollington’s most notable landmarks, Clarence Mill, is now home to numerous businesses and […]

New Mills Interconnector

New Mills Interconnector

I seem to find electrical and telecoms infrastructure to be quite a fascinating subject when […]